Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Transfer Autocomplete Outlook 2010 from one pst to another pst

The autocomplete list in Outlook 2010 is stored in folder


in the "Stream_Autocomplete_0_"numbers/Guid".dat" file.

When you get the new profile created in Outlook, open a new message and send it to someone then close Outlook and reopen it and close it.
This will create a new Stream_Autocomplete_0_"numbers/Guid".dat file. You can tell by the size because it will be very small like 8 kb or less.
Copy the Stream_Autocomplete_0_.dat file from the old PC to the new one and rename it to have the same name as the new empty file and Outlook will use and they have their autocomplete list back. You must close, reopen and reclose outlook before replacing the file.
You can also still edit the list with NK2Edit from and you can convert entries in the list that are EX "Exchange" entries to SMTP entries.

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